bespoke natural stone gardenware

Hand crafted from the finest quality stone, Blooming Troughs are the perfect addition to enhance any outdoor space. As each trough is made to order, we can even design bespoke options to suit.
Utilising different materials and even creating new designs, we can develop a completely personalised trough to suit you! Get in touch for a consultation to discuss your very own bespoke Blooming Trough!

Blooming Troughs are also eco-friendly and sustainably made. Individually cut to size in our on-site workshop, we utilise any off-cuts during the fabrication process, ensuring that there is absolutely no waste. We also finish and polish each trough by hand, allowing the natural beauty of the stone to shine.

Stylish and luxurious, Blooming Troughs are completely unique – perfect for creating the best first impression of your property!

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